Changing how we think about energy


Changing how we think about energy

Who is Noventa?

Noventa Energy is a developer, owner and operator of community-scale, renewable energy projects that creatively combine untapped energy sources, new technologies and high-efficiency conventional equipment to sustainably reduce our carbon footprint and manage energy costs.


To be an agent for change and a platform for innovation where energy is reimagined to improve our world.


To be the leading developer of innovative, renewable energy projects that use creative new technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.

What We Do

Our team’s proven track record of building successful, renewable-energy projects fuels our continued commitment to develop unique and innovative solutions that provide our customers with cost savings, improved reliability and lower carbon emissions. We draw upon our portfolio of licensed, patented, renewable-energy technologies to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems and future-proof communities.

Our competencies include:

  • Identifying and conceptualizing projects
  • Developing financially viable energy master plans
  • Securing approvals, permits and stakeholder support
  • Detailed design and budgeting
  • Financing
  • Project management
  • On-going operations of facilities

Where we do it

With an exclusive North American license for HUBER ThermWin® technology and strategic relationships with Kelvin TEMS and Thermenex to anchor our business, we are currently developing a diversified portfolio of projects in cities across Canada and the US. Our customers include institutional campuses, industrial operations, commercial and multi-residential buildings, and municipalities.

Our Value Proposition

Problem Our Solution
Climate Change
  • Green or lower emissions – net zero with path to net positive
  • Future-proof operations as world moves to green energy
Energy Cost Management
  • Renewable, naturally recurring energy supply = lower energy costs
  • Lower operating and annual maintenance costs
  • Eligible for carbon credits that can be monetized
Energy Price Volatility
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels = less exposure to market volatility
  • Renewable energy provides cost stability and price predictability
High Capital Costs
  • No up-front costs; project financing provided
  • Lower life cycle costs; avoidance/reduction of replacement costs
Government Regulations
  • Comply or exceed government CO2 objectives
  • Exceed Green Building Standards (LEED)
Operational Risk
  • Combine conventional equipment with renewable energy to provide enhanced reliability and risk mitigation